Professional Roof Service & Repair

Roof maintenance, It's the one thing you, as a building owner and/or a manager, would rather not worry about. MJ Dalsin Co Of ND Inc. has a maintenance/repair department that has a 24-hour emergency service. Our staff is well qualified to do repairs and maintenance on all EPDM/PVC roof systems, asphalt and gravel systems, shingle roofs, and metal roofs.

MJ Dalsin Co Of ND Inc. was founded in 1975, with headquarters in West Fargo. MJ Dalsin Co Of ND Inc. provides complete service and repairs on commercial, industrial, and institutional roof systems and maintenance for building owners, general contractors, and developers throughout the North Dakota-South Dakota-Minnesota tri-state area.
New Federal Building - Roofing Contractor in West Fargo, ND

You Can Count On Us

Your business, your roof, and your complete satisfaction are important to us. When emergencies arise, MJ Dalsin Co Of ND Inc. is always committed to giving you quick and responsive action. Your roof problems will be quickly assessed and correctly resolved.

Preventive Maintenance Program

We also offer a preventive maintenance program with annual or bi-annual inspections. Our trained personnel will examine your roof and accessories for any damages, problems and/or defects to your roof system. All problems that are detected will be brought to the owner's/manager's attention, and an estimate would be given to correct these issues. The most important factor in a roof's life cycle is to keep up and do all preventive maintenance that is needed, and this will help prolong your roof system and will help prevent premature roof replacements.
Consider how important your roof is to the success and productivity of your business, and your roof is a big investment. MJ Dalsin Co Of ND Inc. would like to help you get the best performance from your current roof systems.